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e28c19c609edbfea_large Amherst College Tailgate 1958

I have been thinking more and more that I wish I went to Amherst pre 60′s. The swag in New England was at its peak, so Unabashedly Prep filled with so much Ivy Style. As I mentioned in Amherst Rugby, the swag at Amherst was so wet. There are a few remnants of the timeless New England swagger, there are two kids I can think of off the top of my head. I mean, most ppl own the boat shoes, a couple chinos. They try but they dont put it together like ppl used to. I look at the sports photos in the gym that date back to 1910, golfers in plus fours, tennis teams in blazers and v neck sweaters, and I see what was. I compare this with the chicks going to parties in sweatpants and t shirts and I wonder where we lost it. I ran across this pic from the tailgate at an Amherst football game from ’58 from Life Magazine on Ivy Style. The assembly of pics from New England Colleges and Universities is amazing, so fresh and so prep. If we take that style and put it on someone with a bit of confidence and a bit of edge, the game will change.

And to make us even more progressive, look at the older black couple in the photo. As Jim Jones would say “for the HOOD, we iiiiiiiiiiiin”

Look to the past for insights on the future.

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